Bridges to Amazonia

Climate action is best when planned and implemented at the local level – be it in the municipalities of Europe or the indigenous territories of Amazonia.


Climate Alliance’s work was founded on the recognition that fighting climate change requires a global perspective and local solutions. This is demonstrated in our long tradition of promoting climate action amongst European municipalities as well as the indigenous peoples of the Amazon River basin. We support fair solutions to climate change, led by the communities in which they are being implemented. Building bridges between indigenous communities and European municipalities is an important part of this endeavour.


The range of activities covered by our work in the field of climate justice is broad. In addition to direct institutional aid for COICA, we provide political assistance, strengthening the involvement of indigenous peoples in key international processes. Climate Alliance also supports a variety of community-led projects in the Amazon River basin. Importantly, these projects are built on ideas coming directly from the people rather than on ideas imposed externally. 

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