Indigenous Counsellors

Indigenous Counsellors

Our indigenous partners are living since thousands of years in their own sustainable development model in the rainforest and there is a lot we can learn from them in terms of our own consumer habits, resource efficiency and forest management. How can we translate their knowledge into our life and culture and how can this translate this into concrete recommendations towards national and European policy makers?


This was the main question of three delegation tours which took place in the frame of the project "EYD2015: The future we want". In 2015 the project partners organised two delegation tours. The first in May and the second in October. The first counsellor was Eriberto Gualinga from Sarayaku, Ecuador, he travelled through Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium.


In October 2015, the indigenous counsellors came also to Hungary n order to draw attention to the importance of protecting rainforests. Jhenny Muñoz and Teresita Antazú López, the visitors from abroad invited by IMRO-DDKK Nonprofit Ltd., spent three days in Nagykanizsa. During the three-day event, our Peruvian guests have participated in a number of experience-sharing programmes such as the workshop with environmental experts or the eco-train ride or press conference with mayor of municipality of Nagykanizsa.


See the video about their travel below.

"For many, Amazonia is simply a cash cow; for us, the Amazon rainforest means far more! Protection of the rainforest helps not only us, but the entire world. We are protecting our territories for the gobal community."

by Eriberto Gualinga, representative of Sarayaku




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