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Breathe new life into old styles

The magic word is upcycling - make space for individuality

Home is where the heart is. We like to express our individuality and well-being within our own four walls. Yet charming and cosy interiors need not mean chipboard and should also be able to survive a move. How about swapping the umpteenth Swedish side table with furniture that has a story to tell?


Germans throw away around seven million tons of disused furniture every year. Unfortunately, just a fraction of this furniture is reused. But a change is in sight: recycled furniture is going in popularity and developing from a niche market into a flourishing market. Items exuding the charm of their original use are partially restored or reworked into entirely new pieces. After all, filling our homes with our own handiwork, a family heirloom or a memento from a happy Sunday spent browsing a flea market can really make our heart melt.


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"Good design is eternal."

Alberto Alessi, designer

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