Burn calories, not rubber!

It is no coincidence that the most liveable cities in Europe are also the most bicycle-friendly. Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Vienna are all proof that less cars really does mean a better quality of life.


Why not help change your city and daily life by swapping overflowing car parks, annoying rush hour gridlocks and the daily road rage for safe and relaxed travel through green spaces, play streets and traffic-calmed districts?


Get inspired by the spot of the campaign "A good life is simple" and feel free to share!


What does switching to your bike mean for you?
You will be less stressed, get a great workout and benefit financially, too.
Not only cycling but also the great feeling of doing something good for your planet and fellow human beings is 100% free. And every additional cyclist on the roads forces your city to rethink the infrastructure it offers. So take matters into your own hands now and begin exercising your freedom!


Want to promote cycling in your city? Have a look at our inspiring campaign materials!

"Mobility begins in the mind."

Stephan Rammler

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