Rethink what you drink

Tap water is the same quality as bottled water – the only difference is that it costs a third less. Most drinking water is sold in plastic bottles, meaning it is often contaminated with hormone-disruptive softeners. This has a negative impact on our health and ultimately contaminates the world’s oceans. Do we really want to be responsible for ever-new islands of rubbish in the Pacific?


Buy yourself a trendy drinking bottle today and fill it with water yourself. You can even add your own fizz. Or create delicious infusions with cucumber, strawberry or mint. Keep hydrated, save money and muscle power, and help make our world a better place with every single sip!


Want to change something on the local level? Have a look at our inspiring campaign materials!

"All the mischief that happens is the fault not only of those who commit it, but also of those who do not prevent it."

Erich Kästner

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