Breakfast for bikers (B4B)

On the first week of September at Targu-Mures the residents who went to work by bike received a free breakfast. This project was initiated by two organizations from Targu-Mures, by Mures Community Foundation and Pro Biciclo Urbo, into which Focus Eco Center also joined. The organizers were inspired by a similar Hungarian event, which was very successful.

The event started in 2nd of September, and continued in the next week. During the six days a small team waited the cyclists at the most busiest junctions in the city, handing out hot coffee and fresh croissants. They stopped every cyclist, which came in that route, offered them this breakfast, they checked their bike gear, and also the cyclists were asked to fill out a questionnaire about their traffic habits. The organizers were helped by the local police, who gave instructions to the cyclists regarding their safety.

The event was promoted on Facebook, where was created an event, and in the languages (Romanian and Hungarian) it was described the places and the dates where will take place the actions.

Focus Eco Center’s representatives talked with the citizens, they explained the importance of the cycling, the mobility problems, with the help of the rollups from the overdeveloped campaign.

The main purpose of this action was to promote cycling, to draw attention to the alternative transport, by which the city’s traffic could be renewed, becoming safer and more sustainable, also there would be less CO2 emission thanks to this

"I go to work by bike, and to other places afternoon. I don’t calculate the savings, I calculate the health benefits. It’s all about the health, the motion before and after work. I drink coffee every morning. I heard about this action on Facebook. I feel good, and after I drink my coffee on the street the cycling feels better."

by Costin Virgil (participant)




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