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Climate Summit

In the beginning of spring 2019 more than 200 kids devided over several schools from all over the Netherlands in the age of 11/12 years old participated in a yearly Kids Climate Conference. This years assignment was to achieve a climate policy for their own school, inspired by the “green” Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The most important part of this assignment was that this policy should be manageable before the school season ends.

Great ideas came from the kids – our future world leaders – minds, such as creating a school garden with vegetables and flowers. Vegetables could be eaten by themselves or be given to the poor people in their community. Flowers would help the biodiversity according to the kids. The kids were also willing to organize a flee market and sell old stuff, as part of recycling. Meanwhile the money they will earn can be used to fund a solar power system for their school rooftop.

The school with the best idea – a school came up with outdoor biology lessons and cleaning the environment at the same time – won the Philip de Roo Award. Philip de Roo was a scientist who explored climate change in the Arctic. During a scientific expedition in the polar region of Northern Canada in 2015, a fatal accident happened to him and Marc Cornelissen. His family is still present every year at the Kids Climate Conference to present the Philip de Roo Award to the winner.

Besides creating their school climate policy, the kids also wrote a rap song based on the SDGs, together with professional rappers. The song called “Clean nature first” was performed by all the students, teachers and rappers at the end of the Kids Climate Conference.

In 2019 the conference was held in The Hague, in cooperation with Missing Chapter Foundation, Museon, MasterPeace and the City of The Hague.

"Clean nature should be our number one priority. And it can be if we work on this together."

by kids in the rap song




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