Forest & Eduaction

Playing and learning in the Forest

During last April, May and October pupils of the primary school Vladimir Nazor and Czech primary school J.A. Komensky together with the older aged groups of children from kindergartens Vladimir Nazor and Ferdo Mravenec participated in educational workshops in The Roman Forest and Peter‘s Peek where they’ve been involved in activity of the project "EYD2015: The Future We Want - local authorities for sustainable development".

An interactive tour through The Roman Forest, lecturers (representatives of the Hrvatske šume – public enterprise for forest and woodland management in Croatia), presented to the pupils and kindergarten children the most common plant and animal species from the forest, explained them the importance of the forests for the people and the environment, and for our planet The Earth.

Pupils of the junior and senior grade of primary school participated in the workshops held in the mountain house on The Peter‘s Peek. With this workshops, lecturers tried to explain to the students  the importance of living in harmony with nature and educate them about the importance of reducing unnecessary consumption of natural resources and the conservation of forests and environment for them and future generations.

After the lecture children were treated with baked chestnuts. Also they painted, drew and with other art techniques gave their vision of the forest and the forest world. As a part of the project, we secured them funding for theirs work together with all supplies and educational material.

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