We support the biodiversity of the meadows

The consumer’s group established around Focus Eco Center in the city of Tg. Mures supports a local farmer who produce several specialties of cheese.


The farm is situated in a small village, hidden between the hills and forests and of course between the flowery meadows. The most of the young people from the village are going to the cities and is a risk that the small scale agriculture will be replaced by industrial agriculture. The family of the Sandor Kalman is going against this trend and with his family of three generations are working on the farm, they created a business which keeps alive the local traditions and the fabulous landscape with a very high biodiversity. The family produce cheese from the milk of 50 cows.

They have a very good distribution of tasks in the family: the youngest generation, the son with his wife are making the cheese, the parents are taking care to the farm and to the animals, and the grand parents are smoking the cheese and helping the youngers.


They can produce a very high quality cheese but they have problems to sell their products. Here can the Focus Eco Center’s initiative support this farmer and his family. Focus Eco Center organized a consumer’s group in the city of Tg. Mures, and the consumer’s group meet regularly the farmer and they benefit from their fabulous handmade cheese.  The meetings are organized at the office of Focus Eco Center each month, and each occasion 50-60 people are coming to these meetings.

The consumers are discussing with the farmer about his problems, about the cheese making process, they taste the different types of cheese and finally they are purchasing cheese. The relation between the farmer and the customers are more familiar than commercial. During these meetings the customers understood the motivation of the farmer and the importance of maintaining the small scale farming which offer from one hand good quality food, and from other hand protect the biodiversity of the meadows by maintaining the traditional grazing methods of the cows.



"The solidarity between the rural and urban population has to reborn, this is the way how we can have healthy food and save the biodiversity from the rural area."

by Zoltan Hajdu, president Focus Eco Center




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