Get to work ecologically

Private car use is still the most widely used method of transportation to work. Due to the negative impacts on the health, safety and quality of the environment it is not a good choice, either for employer or employees. How to convince them to change their travel behaviour towards more sustainable modes of transportation? In the Czech Technology Park in Brno, gEKOn is trying to address these issues. 

What is gEKOn and how does it work?

gEKOn is an inter-company competition for companies located within Brno Technology park. The main point is to get to and/or from the office by a method other than by car or public transportation. Get active! Get moving! Get ecological! And get economical too - simply gEKOn.

Any employee can join the competition. Contestants record their journey to/from work into the system on the website or using their preferred mobile application (Endomondo, My Walk, atd.) or sport tester (Garmin, Suunto, Movescount, Fitbit, etc.).

In other words – a corresponding GPS record must be entered for each journey. The main criterion is the number of trips made on foot, by bike, scooter, on skateboard or in-line skates. Participants receive ongoing rewards for reaching certain milestones and at the end of the competition are awarded the main prize.