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Climate protection – many people just switch off. Absolutely right! Nevertheless we should be switching off more: all of the screens, running engines and production lines loaded with cheap new things. In other words, all of the stuff that is meant to be making our life better, but in fact ends up making it much more complicated.


Talk is good, real action is better.


Through the Climate Alliance, some 1,700 member municipalities and districts covering 26 European countries as well as a variety of regional governments, NGOs and other organisations are actively working to combat climate change.

Measures taken to combat or adapt to climate change need to take the big picture into account. The hurdles we face are not only environmental, but increasingly also of a social and economic nature. We cannot, for example, rely on high-tech fixes such as carbon capture and storage that only bypass the root of the problem, encouraging society to go about its resource intensive business as usual. Even putting safety concerns aside, we cannot look to nuclear energy as the answer when we have no sustainable solution for the waste it creates.

But how can we implement this holistic approach at the local level? What does this mean for life in cities?

Climate Alliance aims to support you in your local activities. Inform your colleagues and citizens, discuss global issues and point out connections that are not always obvious. What do human rights have to do with climate protection? How do renewable energies relate to large-scale construction projects? And what is the significance of energy poverty in Europe?

We have developed various offers to support them in being locally active and bringing global issues to the population in a comprehensible way. Get inspired and contact us!



With three exhibitions, Climate Alliance wants to support you in raising awareness amongst your citizens on the global challenges of climate change, land grabbing and the overuse of resources. The panels help to connect global issues with local realities. They give climate change, global demands for resources and problems like land grabbing a face.

Show the exhibitions at your next conference, offer them to schools, print them for your next climate day or use the materials for other local activities.

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Movies to discuss the energy transition


The documentary “Count Down on River Xingu V” should be used as a possibility to enter in a dialogue with citizens, local initiatives and organisations on the topic of energy production, energy cooperatives, the use of energy and/or human and indigenous rights. Especially, questions like where energy comes from, what are the benefits and challenges of renewable energies and the potentials of decentralised energy production can be part of the discussion. The impact of the demand of resources on indigenous peoples and their territories can also be a topic to talk about after the screening of the movie.
The goal of these events is to raise awareness of the impacts of energy production and its use, pros and cons of big-scale renewable energy systems as well as human and indigenous rights and their connection to energy systems. The role of (multi-national) companies can be discussed as well.

You want to invite the filmmaker to your local event? Contact us!


Would you rather show a film directly from the Amazon? We work closely with Eriberto Gualinga. The indigenous filmmaker from the Kichwa community of Sarayaku has produced exciting films that illustrate life in the Amazon rainforest, uncover dangers and establish global connections.

Get inspired by some spots and and contact us.

  • by Adrian Rheinländer
    by Adrian Rheinländer


"A Good Life is Simple" campaign


As an ambassador for your city, you can set an example and raise awareness for a climate-friendly coexistence. Our campaign showcases positive examples to follow in daily life. A progressive approach urges people to integrate climate action into their lives and become active in the fields of mobility, nutrition, consumption and energy.

Join the campaign, reach out to your citizens and start a new movement. Whether posters, postcards or adverts in buses – we can gladly supply digital materials free of charge.

Change the Future online Tool


Discover our online tool “Change the Future”, which offers municipalities, groups and individuals ways to get involved in creating a good life for all. It gives people the opportunity to help instigate major changes by undertaking minor changes in their daily lives and getting involved in their communities. As a city, you can set the competition period, call for participation and become active in a group as well.

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