Return-refill system for coffee cups

Coffee-to-go without any trash: A vision realized in Freiburg. Freiburg is the first German city which has a deposit system for coffee cups.

That means in participating bakeries and coffee shops you borrow a cup for one Euro, your coffee will be filled in this cup. After having drunk your coffee you can return your cup in every participating shop and will get back your one Euro. The cups are made of ceramics and can be used for the next client.

The sanitation department and the city council of Freiburg together with 16 coffee shops and bakeries are participating.
In addition nationwide students at many universities stand up for reducing the number of disposable coffee cups in their surroundings. Many student councils designed an own reuseable coffe cup and use it instead of paper cups.
Also you can bring your own cup from home to the bakery and ask for a fill in one of these.

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