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Activate youngsters in social living - what future do they want?

How to activate youngsters in climate justice and social living? By what means can you let them be heard?

These were the questions posed by ANATOLIKI S.A. when it comes to what to do to revive local dynamics in climate change issues. Anatoliki S.A. decided to give the floor to young students and organized for the second time a Photo Competition on “The Future we Want – Sustainable Management of Resources”.

The inspiration for the organization of the second photography competition and exhibition derived from the projects «EYD2015 – The Future We Want» and «Change the Power - (Em) Power to Change: Local Authorities towards the SDGs and Climate Justice», which capitalizes and further develops the experience of the former project "EYD2015 - the Future We Want". Both projects, co-funded by the European Union, sensitize people on SDGs and Climate Justice.

To raise the awareness among young people on the issues of Sustainable Management of Resources and Alternative Ways of Living in the Cities, ΑΝΑΤΟLIKI S.A. organized the competition under its own Corporate Social Responsibility. Young people were invited to become creative and capture the way they see the future through the art of photography.
Students of the high schools and lyceums of the Region of Macedonia in Greece participated and competed in three categories:


Over 200 photographs by 100 high school and lyceum students were collected and evaluated by a six-membered jury, as well as by a wider public through Facebook.

Best photographs were exhibited at Vafopouleio Cultural Center in May 2019, inviting the public to become aware of what the future students want! The best photos were awarded at a prize ceremony with the participation of students, teachers, parents and members of the jury. The best two photographs gained two cameras which were kindly offered by Anatoliki S.A. to George Frantzis  and Peliti Elli.

The 10 photographs that were distinguished by the public through "facebook -likes" were awarded with 10 audience praises.

Having an impact on the local audience, Anatoliki S.A. aims at  maintaining the competition as an annual institution.

  • impressions of the contest
    impressions of the contest