Learning to see the forest

Seeing the forest and its beauty through a new perspective,discovering biodiversity and looking at smallest details - "1 sq m forest", a kit of diverse and innovative materials provides another way to perceive forests.

We would like to introduce a new concept and exciting methods for your local educational work on the topic of forest, developed by the Umwelt Exploratorium e.V.


One square meter forest is just a small section of a great ecosystem with a complex network of interdependent interactions. Forests provide habitat for many species and represent a wonderful experience and recreational area. As "green lungs of the earth", they provide oxygen and have an important climate function as CO2 sink.

Forests cover about 30% of the earth´s land surface, however, this workshop focuses on a tiny section: one square meter. We would like to open our eyes to the hitherto hidden and give a new perspective on the forest. It´s about "learning a new form of seeing". Those who look at things closely, recognize unique beauties, intrinsic values and the need to preserve nature in all its diversity.


The exploration kit "1 sq m forest" opens up the opportunity to approach the fascination of nature with modern equipment and many practical instructions.

"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."

by Albert Einstein




The materials consist of a detailed teaching guide to manage the workshop, a workbook for the participants and a comprehensive kit with various materials for the implementation.

An exploration kit with macro lenses for smartphones, equipment for forest exploration and tools for shaping and presenting the discovered objects provides you with practical materials for the design of one or several project days – be it for classic school lessons, a natural experience workshop or a project week.



The exploration kit "1 sq m forest" is integrated into the EU project "The Future We Want" of Climate Alliance, a city network with some 1,700 members spread across 27 European countries. In the project, which is carried out with many European partners, we deal with the question of what behaviors and strategies for life and the survival on a planet with limited resources we have to develop and how we can learn from indigenous peoples from the rainforest.

Are you interested in the materials? You can have an insight into the booklets online or order the whole kit. Please contact us!

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