Implementing the SDGs on the local level

How can cities and municipalities create new levels of partnership which encompass development cooperation and sustainability through the framework of the SDGs?

This was the main question that inspired the conference on "Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals on the local level", organised by the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen in November 2016.


What can we learn from the conference's results for the localization of the SDGs? Check the results, coming from the conference documentation and get encouraged for your local action!


  1. The SDGs are an all-encompassing and holistic approach and need to be raised to a level that they are understood as a framework to future development.
  2. To solve problems related to sustainability, we have to exchange knowledge, learn from best practices and cooperate between municipalities.
  3. There is very litte awareness about the SDGs and their relevance. Let´s do campaigning in order to change that in the near future!
  4. Many projects already work implicitly with the SDGs as a focus but these activities are not defined as SDG activities. Labelling them as such increases awareness about the SDGs.
  5. Best practice cases and projects need to be showcased to increase their visibility. Providing templates and frameworks for other initiatives helps to spread examples.
  6. The implementation of the SDGs requires a civil society that understands the need for it. Let´s raise awareness among the civil society and encourage it to play an active part.
  7. Bremen plans to set up a joint communication platform through which the municipality partners can communicate and broaden their networking activites - networking is crucial!




"I realized that the SDGs can be used as a framework for my city and can help structure our problems and solutions."

– conference participant




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