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Salt and Soup – Stuttgart in dialogue

Stuttgart started an innovative project for public participation called Salt & Soup. The aim is to create a dialogue across social, cultural and areal borders. Dialogues take place at (Eating-) tables throughout Stuttgart.

Life is changing in Stuttgart and is becoming more varied. Residents in each district and in the whole city overall have changed due to demographic change and also due to influx of people. Different interests, different social and cultural backgrounds require a new cohabit. How could that cohabitation look like?

To discuss current topics like the integration of refugees or the situation of the difficult housing market are of common interest for every resident. No matter which social class they are belonging to. These questions are the common starting point.

The people decide how they want to treat each other and live together. To reach a vivid, open and solidarity-based city we need a new culture of discussion across social and areal borders.

The aim of Salt & Soup is bringing different citizens of Stuttgart together. The main purpose is the successful dialogue between every social class and every district in/around Stuttgart.

Talking and discussing
in Stuttgart

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