I show you my forest


Virtual exchange between children of Ashaninka and Nature Park Swabian Franconian Forest


Following the motto „What can we learn from each other“ pupils of the nature park schools in Germany and from the Ashaninka in the Peruvian rainforest took a closer look at topics around the forest. The children on both sides of the globe had workshops to the topics „Forest -  use, protection and free time“, filmed it, made short videos out of the material, translated them and sent them to their fellows. In this way, for example the Ashaninka showed the children in Germany what is their understanding of the topic and presented their forest and their living space. (and vice versa).

With the exchange the children were sensitized for another way of treatment of the forest and got to know a part of another culture and way of living.

It was exciting to see how different the children treat the forest. For the children of the Ashaninka the forest is a fixed component of their lives as well as the plants and animals living in it. The children in Germany on the other hand needed a workshop to get to know the plants and animals. For them the forest is a place, where they go, but do not live in, a place they don’t know yet but need to explore. For the children of the Ashaninka the forest is their living space, their provider of food and medicine and a valuable part of their life they protect and save.
This is exactly what the children in Germany and Europe have to learn again: The forest is really important for us as human beings and it is important to preserve it

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