My Wels 2020: The Footprint pioneers

The climate change is a big global challenge. So we need in all social areas solutions. On economic, as well as at political, municipal and individual level common solution ways must be tested and be moved.

One oft he declared aims of the City of Wels was the reduction oft he ecological footprint up to the year 2020. The ecological footprint shows that also life styles and everyday methods have a decisive influence on the resource consumption. Therefore, the project „My Wels 2020: The Footprint Pioneers“ begun. 40 households were accompanied during 1 year in a self-experiment to reduce her own ecological footprint.  They looked for possibilities of lasting life methods, exchanged themselves and communicated her experience media.

The results of the project show that it is possible to reduce the ecological footprint within one year without a loss of quality of life.  On a average the participants could reduce her ecological footprint about 11 % within one year.
Now after the pilot project these experiences of the participants should be given to the population. The continuation of the project in the form of a working group „Footprint Salon“ is in conversion. In the course of the EU project „EYD 2015: the future we want“ and together with the „Footprint Salon“ many measures are made for  the raising of awareness.

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    @ City of Wels

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