why wait
when I can
shape my city?

A good life is simple.
Not the quantity makes us happy, but the quality.

We are happy to present suggestions to better live (together) without constant consumption. You don't have to give up anything and yet you win. Even better: not only do you win, the resources of our planet are also spared.

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The EU-funded project “The Future We Want - Local Authorities for Sustainable Development” gives citizens and politicians a deeper understanding of global interdependencies by calling into question European overconsumption of natural resources and showing the way toward more responsible and globally fair consumption habits.

The project focuses on two main activities. The first is the Europe-wide awareness raising campaign “A good life is simple” which showcases positive examples to follow in daily life. The second main activity provided the framework for indigenous delegates to act as ambassadors for sustainability during three European tours, the outcome are three brochures which discuss the importance of global partnerships, highlight common challenges of European municipalities and indigenous peoples and ask for political coherence.

Cities and towns are where life really happens. How can this life be made into a good life? Both for individuals and entire communities?
We hope you enjoy discovering the website and all the inspiring examples!