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The Future We Want

Following the question of how to reach a good life for all, one main activity of the EU project "The Future We Want" brought indigenous `ambassadors for sustainability´ to Europe. The involved European local authorities exchanged views with the representatives from the Amazon basin to see how to translate their knowledge into our life and culture.

Based on this experience, a brochure divided into three parts was developed. It brings together the results of the exchange with our partners of the Global South as well as a set of political recommendations directed to the local and regional, national as well as EU level.

The publication was presented for the first time at Climate Alliance's International Annual Conference 2017 in Essen. In a short conversation, Patrice Bamberg (Municipality of Sanem, Luxembourg), Eriberto Gualinga (Kichwa community of Sarayaku, Ecuador) and Ana Michou (Municipality of Thermi, Greece) shared some of their experiences during the delegation tours.

  • Presentation of "The Future We Want" at Climate Alliance's International Conference. © Climate Alliance

    Presentation of "The Future We Want" at Climate Alliance's International Conference. © Climate Alliance

Bridging Europe and Amazonia

Do you want to know what we mean by bridging Europe and Amazonia? Take a look at the first brochure of "The Future We Want"! It offers an introduction to the political framework surrounding climate and sustainable development, the importance of global partnerships, and the presentation of the EU project "The Future We Want - Local Authorities for Sustainable Development", that explored alternative solutions. A timeline gives an overview of the important international political milestones of the last two decades towards political coherence while a comprehensive infographic introduces Climate Alliance´s approach of global climate action.


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Championing Climate Justice

The second part of "The Future We Want" allows to dive into the travels of the indigenous ambassadors for sustainability. It invites to take a look at challenges faced by European cities and indigenous peoples of Amazonia, on the basis of exchanges between municipal representatives and indigenous ambassadors for sustainability. Before ending with lessons learnt from the delegation tours, the brochure presents alternative indigenous concepts like the "Living Forest" of Sarayaku as well as climate change adaptation strategies implementend by women.


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Shaping Our Future

Back on the political level, part three of "The Future We Want" starts with an introduction about political coherence for the transformation of our world towards climate justice. Based on this, concrete political recommendations and demands for coherent and just climate policy along with key conditions for their success are presented. The recommendations are formulated for the local, national and European levels and divided in three topics: sustainable energy, natural resources and the channelling of investments for sustainable development. 


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  • Eriberto Gualinga. © Climate Alliance

    Eriberto Gualinga. © Climate Alliance
  • Teresita Antazu and Jhenny Munoz. © S. Baringer

    Teresita Antazu and Jhenny Munoz. © S. Baringer
  • Carla de Jesus Dias, Maximiliano de Menezes and Johann Kandler. © Climate Alliance Austria

    Carla de Jesus Dias, Maximiliano de Menezes and Johann Kandler. © Climate Alliance Austria

"One significant aspect was our visit to the Hungarian Parliament where we discussed our ways of life, how we defend our territories and how we are addressing climate change. For me, it was important to learn that the people there were also concerned about environmental pollution and climate change."

Teresita López, representative of the Yanesha in Peru




  • © P. Bamberg
    © P. Bamberg
  • © Climate Alliance Austria
    © Climate Alliance Austria

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